On his website, Dr. Jacques Mitchell states that he is on an assignment to bring encouragement, motivation and life changing tools into lives across the globe. He is doing it in a big way. He has more than a decade of public speaking and leadership experience, both in the secular world as well as the church environment. He is an accomplished self published author of seven books, including; Effectively Conquering Your Day, 30 Days of Power, Growing To The Next Level, What God Is Like, Winning Quotes for Living, Secrets To Writing Your First Book, & Breaking Through & Burnout.

During this conversation Jacques announced some exciting news, which you will have to listen to if you want to know what it is. One of the most exciting things for me, is that my first association with Dr Jacques was when he purchased my ‘One Word at a Time’ online program to write his first book, almost ten years ago. Look at him now. He is a man with passion, purpose and a powerful vision to impact many lives.

In this podcast we focus on vision. It is the non-negotiable starting point of any meaningful achievement. Jacques discusses how to get it, how to keep it and how to make it reality. We also discuss overcoming the greatest enemy there is… doubt and discouragement. In a logical thinking world, we would subscribe to the theory that unless you can see something in reality, you can’t believe it. In this podcast we subscribe to the focus of faith which says, in fact, that when you believe in your vision, then you will see it in reality, This is a wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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