I met Morgan Beard through Fernando Parnes, founder of BestBeing and sponsor of this podcast. Morgan and I spoke in podcast #10, called Getting through the mud and the muck. I was immediately impressed, engaged and inspired by this 30 year old dynamo. Listening to her wisdom, you would certainly not expect someone so young in years.

As you listen to Morgan’s maturity, it’s hard to imagine she has been through so much torment, torture, suffering, depression and suicidal thoughts as she has. She gets raw and vulnerable as she talks about some of the ups and downs of 2020 and the impact of COVID on herself and her clients. As a talented musician, when she finally gave herself permission to enjoy this pursuit, the transformation was incredible. Behind the music was a fearful lady, but that same music helped her move through the darkness and into the light. Morgan is now really making a difference in many lives.

I threw a challenge at Morgan for this podcast. That was to write and sing a song that would show people the power music has to help deal with the dark places we sometimes find ourselves in. What Morgan shares, what she overcome and how she delivers it will delight and inspire you. I say it every week, but honestly,  this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Morgan can be contacted through www.morganbeard.coach

Her music instagram account is muuniemusic