Steve Pinner describes himself as a run-of-the-mill bloke who loves his family, loves his mates and loves his sport. He is passionate about helping men to be the best they can be and be positive role models in the life of the women, children and other men in their lives. He is well aware that there is a challenging stage for men between 35 and 55 years of age, as they transition into their older adult years, that men can find themselves lost and asking, what is it all about?

In late 2014 he lost a job he loved. Made redundant out of the blue. With his 41st birthday only weeks away and with a young family to provide for, he found myself in a bit of a pickle. To complicate things, he was also struggling a bit in a number of areas of his life. In effect, he was putting up a brave front while battling away behind closed doors. He  was not depressed, but he was down at times and often sleepless with worry. He realised this is not an uncommon feeling for men, and  became passionate about finding a way to help men re-engage with their lives. 

The research that he undertook was eye opening and life changing. It was changing his life and he knew that it would do the same to the men of his generation. He talks about a rite-of-passage that all boys need to go through to become healthy men and have a positive influence on many other members of their community. He offers some wonderful strategies for men to help them transition with ease and purpose into the many different phases of their lives. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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