Pablo Miller is the pride of Karratha, Western Australia. He is the host of the morning show, ‘Pablo for Breakfast’ on Triple M, and is a celebrity of the town. After many years of travel and experiencing what the world has to offer, he settled down to a career in the media 10 years ago. A job offer in radio moved him from Melbourne to Karratha at that time. Little did he know that, within weeks of arriving, he would meet his wife-to-be, fall in love with her and fall in love with the town of Karratha.

Pablo is having a powerfully positive effect on that community. Firstly, with his positive spin on media, his hosting style, and his inspiring and humble guest every Thursday morning (BTW, that’s me if you weren’t sure!). Secondly, his impact is rippling throughout the community as a result of his decision to start running, and now having just run his 540th consecutive day, as this podcast is published.

As a result of his decision, things are significantly changing for the better. His health is better and he has lost 26kg to date. His daughter has been inspired and has adopted his healthy habits. He is raising money for a charity to support Genetic challenges in young people. The community is now moving more and getting on board with his mantra and focus of Another day, another 5K!  This is an engaging and empowering conversation and there are some simple but powerful concepts that will help you start today, take a simple step each day and have a significant impact on your own life and the lives of people you care about. Don’t miss this wonderful conversation with Pablo Miller.

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