It is so good to be back on air with the ‘Cheeky Cockney’ Chris Freer. If you listened to episode 134, Saved by compassion, with Chris, you will know his story. He had a successful career, lots of money in the bank, and everything that seemed to be what one would desire for happiness. However, he was not happy, and his health was failing. The struggles he was experiencing led him to a decision to end the pain, by way of suicide. However, in a moment, he changed his mind and the direction of his life.

Chris is now a powerful and inspiring coach, counselor, speaker, and soon to be author, who is living a life of joy and having a powerfully positive impact on many lives. So, the question I hear you asking is, what happened in that moment when he went from the helplessness of a suicide attempt to a desire to get help, and then a life dedicated to helping others? The answer is… love.

He started to find the worthiness he had, and began to love himself for who he was, not what he had or did. This is a powerful message that every single person needs to hear, the one most responsible for the outcomes people are experiencing in their lives. Trust me when I say, this is a conversation not to be missed.

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