This week on ‘It’s More Than Money’ Kye talks with Andrew Jobling, a former Australian football professional, leading wellness professional for over 30 years, and bestselling author of eight books. 

Andrew is an attention-seeking, mumma’s-boy, middle-child, who realised early in his life that anything is possible when you have a clear vision, apply the right thinking and take the right actions for long enough.

Over 30 years in education, speaking, business development, leadership, training elite athletes and wellbeing.

He believes you can achieve joyful longevity, or any success you desire, no matter who you are, what your talent level is or where you come from, or, how unlikely or illogical it may seem.

Andrew is on a mission to create a Wave of Wellness all around the world and helping people live a purposeful life of joyful longevity. And even more than that, he has the ambitious goal of engaging the un-engageable, moving the un-moveable and motivating the un-motivatable towards making better choices and living the life of health, happiness and abundance they are born to live.

Take a listen to what Andrew has to share in this episode, it’s definitely worth the listen