I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life. I sat with my business mentors this week. They are actually far more than just mentors, they are great friends, in fact, they are part of my family. I got some incredible advice that I feel, already in my heart, is going to help me go to the next level of abundance in my life. They know I am good enough, I know I am good enough, so all I need to do is give myself permission to be happy and successful.

As you know, I spend most of my life talking about, writing about, podcasting about and blogging about how good you and I really are. It is my mission to help people believe more in their God given resources and trust that they are good enough to achieve anything that they want for themselves and the people they care about. I spend much of my time trying to fill my own cup with the belief that I am good enough to achieve anything I want for myself and the people I care about.

Logically, I think we can all agree we are capable of creating success in our lives. The reason I am a best-selling author today, and on the verge of my eighth book, is not because I actually believed I could, I just didn’t know that I couldn’t. From a logical standpoint, I knew I could write and communicate, therefore, if I stuck to the plan and kept going, I knew I could write a book. The shame is, for many people, logic is not their go to position, but rather negative self-talk, doubt, fear and denying themselves permission. So, what do I mean by permission?

As I think back through my life and reflect on the things I have and haven’t achieved, I can see a common theme. Permission! As a young and naïve teenager, I gave myself permission to be a successful professional footballer. With that permission, I gave everything I had to successfully achieving that pursuit. After I had made it, and was playing regular football, things started to change. I started to develop an imposter syndrome. I began worrying that the coaches would find out that I am really not that good. I wondered how I had possibly made it this far. I started doubting, I started denying myself permission and, surprise, surprise, soon after I found myself de-listed. It had nothing to do with my ability, because clearly, I was good enough to make it. It had nothing to do with all the people and circumstances I blamed after I was sacked. It had everything to do with denying myself the permission to really push on and make it in a big way.

Why would I sabotage myself like that? Why would I take away that permission I had previously allowed myself? You may even be asking yourself why you are self-sabotaging in certain areas of your life. For me, it was comparison. Before my professional journey started, I was competing with me, and just working on being the best I could. After I had been at the club for a few years, I felt like I was competing with fifty other footballers, all who seemed better than I was. I looked around and saw stronger men, fitter men, more talented men, tougher men and better men. In my mind, I said, ‘you are kidding yourself mate, they are about to catch you out’. Well, they did catch me out, but only because I didn’t permit myself to go any further.

I hope this is making sense. Even today, I know the things I want but don’t yet have are the things I have not given myself permission to attain. I would hazard-a-guess and suggest the same applies to you. Things are really changing for me know and I want to encourage that for you. I have spent time getting to understand, accept, forgive, and love myself. As I do that, I feel more deserving of the abundant life that is there for me. That same life is there for you. I give myself permission to win. I have taken off my hand-brake and am in forward motion. I am worthy of the best life I can possibly live.

In my most recent podcast with Aldwyn Altuney, called Truth and good news, we discuss the truth and the good news that is there for all of us. The truth is you are deserving, and the good news is that anything is possible for you. So, as you move forward this week and start to really think about the things you want for yourself and your life, just know, you can have it. If you are not experiencing the success, well-being, and prosperity in your life now, all that is missing is your permission.