We live in an amazing world of possibility and potential. We get around that world in the most miraculous body that can do things more incredible than most of us can possibly comprehend. We have a mind so elaborate and expansive that it can imagine and help us create any outcome we choose to focus and act on. With that all being the case, why is it that most of us fail to live the amazing life that is available to us? The answer is absorption!

What does that mean? I hear you asking. That is a great question. This blog is inspired by the wonderful Dr Delia McCabe, nutritional neuroscientist, who I spoke to on my latest podcast, ‘Bowels to brains.’ We were talking about gut health and she referred to the common saying, ‘we are what we eat.’ She went on to say that, in fact, we are not what we eat, we are what we eat and absorb. What she was saying is, just because we may be eating healthy foods, if the vital nutrients are not absorbed into the gut, the cells and the brain, then we will get no benefit from those foods.

This got me thinking about how this concept relates to, not just nutrient absorption, but absorption of other vital things in our life. To find out how to gain maximum absorption from the nutrients you consume, you will have to listen to the podcast, as this blog is focussed in other areas. I am specifically talking about the absorption of ideas, beliefs, potential and love. If I refer back to the question I posed in the opening paragraph; why do most of us fail to live the amazing life that is available to us? In my mind, the answer is that we don’t absorb the ideas, the belief, the potential or the love that is available to us to help propel us to a life of abundance.

This is very true for me. I love my life, but I still feel I am experiencing far less than I could if was absorbing more of life’s key nutrients for success. I get told so often how capable I am and how much other people believe in me, but if that belief doesn’t absorb into my mind and my psyche, then I will never achieve my potential. If I get told how much I am loved, but that love from others doesn’t penetrate the walls I have put up around myself, then I can never enjoy the joy that is available for me. If I listen to and read amazing information to help me, but I am distracted when I am listening or reading, the wonderful insight, information and answers will not seep into my brain to help me move on to great health, happiness and success in my life. I hope this is making sense to you.

I have experienced all of these absorption issues at some stage in my life. I am happy to say, my absorption is improving, even though I still have a way to go. What about you? It is my greatest desire that with all the public speaking I do, interviews I have, books and blogs I write and podcasts I record, that I can help people believe more in themselves and go on to live their best life. But it’s not about the information I provide, it’s about how much of that information is absorbed and acted upon that counts. For me to achieve more in my life, I need to allow the belief to sink into my heart and mind and then, move to take the required action I need to take. The same applies to you.

The question then is simple, how do we increase and maximise the absorption of ideas, beliefs, potential and love into our lives to allow us to move us towards our best life? The answer has two important steps. The first is that we need to break down the barriers and walls that are preventing the absorption in the first place. The second is, when we are open to receive and absorb, we must dial up the input of positive ideas, beliefs, potential and love into our lives.

We break down barriers and increase absorption capability by becoming acutely aware of limiting and discouraging thoughts, beliefs and words that we choose on a regular basis and start to replace them with empowering and encouraging thoughts, beliefs and words. When we catch ourselves saying or thinking ‘I can’t,’ we must immediately discard that and replace it with, ‘I can!’ When we identify the words, ‘I procrastinate,’ we need to instantaneously replace them with, ‘I take immediate and positive action.’ Does this make sense?

Once we have broken down some barriers and opened the door to allow the ‘right stuff’ to filter in, then we need to saturate our thinking with that ‘right stuff.’ The ‘right stuff’ comes through the people you associate with, the books you read and the things you choose to watch and listen to. There is so much amazing information and inspiration in the world and it’s waiting and readily available for you to utilise to create total abundance in your life. Everything you need to live the most amazing life of health, happiness and success is out there waiting for you, and all you need to do is fertilise the ground, allow it to sink in and then, because you believe in yourself, take powerful and positive action. Trust me when I say, absorption is the key.