For most of early life, Andrea Nicholson followed mainstream health advice, blindly trusting what she was told. She’s tried all of the standard diets and advice, only to find herself continually getting sicker.  From carb-addict and vegetarian, to low fat and low calorie, and from extreme workout to another, she did some serious damage to my body. But how could eating all those vegetables be bad?  Because they’re all carbs!  She was seriously nutrient deficient, lacking in quality proteins and healthy fats, and left with high inflammation, a bloated and irritated gut, and flat-lined energy. 

Even though those vegetables were filled with nutrients and fibre, she wasn’t absorbing any of those nutrients and even with the fibre, she had decimated my gut microbes.  Functional testing showed she had very little microbial activity and even less diversity.  Clearly this was NOT the path for her. Ultimately, she took her health into her own hands, did her own research, ordered functional tests, and used technologies to uncover her personal imbalances.  

She started doing the opposite of most of the common advice to restore her body – more quality proteins from animal sources, more healthy fats including saturated fats, far less carbohydrates (even fruits and vegetable sources), and eating far less often.  Now, she is  healthier and more vibrant than she has ever been and has maintained the results for years. No more bloating, constipation, migraines, stiff muscles, or fatigue.  Effortless weight loss and it’s been easy to maintain.  

Now Andrea uses everything she has learned from her own journey and education to help others, and she is passionate about making a difference in many lives. This is a wonderfully practical and empowering conversation that I hope moves you into positive action.

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