Andrew played seven years of professional Australian football. He has more than 30 years in the health and wellbeing industry, 15 years as a personal trainer and more than 15 years as a speaker, mentor and  author of seven books, so far. His lastest book The Wellness Puzzle, is the catalyst for this show, as he is on a mission to create a wave of wellness and wonder around the world.

In this episode, Andrew talks about his background and the evolution of his thinking that has got him to this point and this podcast. He suggests that optimal wellbeing is 100% mindset. Listen to find out why. Listen also to find out what the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle are, and, why an amazing life of joyful longevity is available foir you, if you know how to think, where to look and what to do.

This episode will engage and entertain you, but more importantly inspire you into positive action to  make a life of joyful longevity a reality for you.

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