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There are no accidents in life ...

It's no accident that you stumbled across my website!

Something you may or may not even understand directed you here. What was it?

Do you want more from life? Do you know deep inside you can be doing more than you are? Do you feel something is missing? Do you have a desire but feel unsuited, ill-equipped or unqualified?

If that's you ... I know how you feel. If you're anything like I was ... you are ambitious, have a big vision but feel that you lack the skill, ability, contacts, experience, finances and know-how to make it happen.

I felt that way as a skinny, sooky little kid when I dreamed of playing professional football ... how did I do it?

I felt the same way as work-obsessed, time poor, ex-footballer,  non-reader and non-writer when I decided to write a book ... how did I become a best-selling author?

I learned that being successful is not what I thought it was about. It's not about ... time, talent, age, experience, background or any of the other things most people believe are required for amazing success. What I found was ... when you want something badly enough, you follow some simple principles, you act every day and decide to finish what you start ... you can do anything. No matter how unlikely it may seem.

Please look around my site, enjoy my blogs, attend my events and see what resonates with you. I would love to help you with your wellbeing, becoming a successful author or anything you want to achieve but feel that it's out of your reach.  Just know it's not out of reach and you can achieve ... your success will be no accident.

I joke that I am an Accidental Author, but the truth is, whilst some things are unlikely, there really are no accidents in life;

‘We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.'

Andrew's Blog ... the question is; can a footballer write and speak?

I don't know about you, but this doesn't look like an author and writer to me ... or most people!

Andrew loves writing and talking! This would sound strange to anyone who knew his background ... it certainly wouldn't suggest that a literary career would be on the cards. He was a typical footballer with a typical attitude towards reading & education ... a waste of hours between each opportunity to play sport! He truly is an accidental author, speaker, writer and blogger!

He is passionate about helping others and through writing he feels able to reach more people. His books, videos & blog posts are all about helping people see, believe and fulfil more of the amazing potential they have ... that means you too! There is incredible possibility & potential in every person and there is an amazing impact through the power of written word.

Please enjoy Andrew's blogs (video and written) and please feel free to add any comments you see appropriate. 

Stop looking at the cloud, and... Enjoy the blue sky!

Posted 4/21/2018

Imagine a beautiful sky, with a single solitary cloud. When asked what they see when they look up at the sky, most people would say they see a cloud. In fact, not long ago, I probably would have said the same thing. Isn’t that interesting? A wonderfully beautiful blue sky covers 99.9% of the space we see, yet we tend to be distracted by and focus on the one little cloud. 

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To do the things you don't want to do... Learn the Secret!

Posted 4/13/2018

If you were to make a list of all the things you don’t like to do, and, don’t want to do, what would it look like? If anything like me, it would be a long list. I don’t like exercise, and wish I didn’t have to do it. I don’t like making phone calls that potentially leave me open to rejection. I don’t like going into unfamiliar surroundings and starting a conversation with people I don’t know. I don’t like getting out of bed when my alarm goes off before 6am. I don’t like confrontation and dealing with conflict. I don’t always like writing every day, especially when it’s been a long day and I’m tired. I don’t like walking around the house at 11pm until I’ve done my 12,000 steps for the day. There are many things I don’t like doing, but I do them anyway, because as a teen, I learned the secret from my mum.

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Make a decision to do it right, and… Follow the System!

Posted 4/7/2018

Why do Geese fly in a V Formation? I’m sure this a question that has been plaguing you for many years! Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, each bird flies slightly above the bird in front, resulting in a reduction of wind resistance. The birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired. In this way, the geese can fly for a long time before they must stop for rest. Secondly, it is easy to keep track of every bird in the group. Flying in formation may assist with the communication and coordination within the group. It’s a system that works.

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Get over yourself, and... Just say sorry!

Posted 3/31/2018

If I could give you - and me, for that matter – one piece of advice that would make the biggest difference in your life and mine, it would be to, more often, use the hardest phrase there is. That is, I'm sorry, please forgive me. That one phrase can soothe even the angriest of people, and, totally turn around a situation going down a very bad path. It can immediately restore a broken friendship. It can resolve a conflict that seems unresolvable. It can create trust and loyalty. It will help you in business, with clients and in negotiations. Let’s face it, you’re not perfect, and, neither am I. So, instead of getting stuck by your own ego and/or pride… suck it up, pull your head in, get over yourself and just say sorry!

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Do it... While they're sleeping!

Posted 3/24/2018

What is the main excuse you and I use for not getting stuff done? If you are anything like me, it’s always other people’s fault, right? If you’re a parent, you are always having to run around after, and, do stuff for your children. If you’re in a relationship, your partner always wants you to do things for and with them. If you have a job or business, you’re always interrupted by bosses, employees, clients and colleagues. If you’re in a team or group of some type, there are always demands placed on you by other people. As a human being, in a community of other human beings, there will always be distractions, tasks, conflict and opinions. Here’s something to consider, as you continue to use other people as the reason for your non-achievement; all of the people problems disappear when those people are asleep!

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Be very careful... Who you listen to!

Posted 3/17/2018

Most people are well meaning. Most believe truly believe they are helping. Most people have opinions about everything, based on their experiences, association and knowledge. Most people honestly believe they are giving you good sound advice. When, in fact, what most are really giving you is just a lot of sound, but not much good advice. You are in control of your life, no one else, so, be very careful who you listen to.

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For just one week... Do what you know to do!

Posted 3/8/2018

You already know it! Know what? Everything you need to know to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful. You may be asking, 'If I relly knew it, why wouldn't I be doing it?'That is a great question, and, my answer to that question is, 'Exactly! Why aren't you - and I, for that matter - doing it?'You see, you, like me, may think you don’t have the answers, you really do. You, like me, may think you don’t have the knowledge, you actually do. You, like me, may think you don’t have the ability, you absolutely do. You, like me, may think you don’t have what it takes, you honestly do. For just this week, do what you actually know you should be doing.

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A key succees is learning to... Manage Disappointment

Posted 3/3/2018

Frustration. Rejection. Mistakes. Ridicule. Lack of support. Failure. Missed goals. Poor choices. Being reprimanded. Criticism. Falling over. Fear. Doubt. Discouragement. Confusion. Lack of understanding. Getting sacked. Put-downs. Challenges. Adversity. And, I could go on and on and on. In my life, I have experienced all of these things, multiple times. You? I have tried to avoid them, outsmart them and even ignore them, but they continue to rear their ugly heads on a daily basis. The goal of my life is to be the best I can be, and, leave the world a better place for my having been here. That being the case, I am continually looking and learning from people who seem to be getting it right. What I have learned most about these people, and, what I want to share with you this week, is that there is no way to avoid, outsmart or even ignore disappointment. The key to happiness and success seems to lie in the ability to manage it.  

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In your busy life, as you strive for more... Don't miss the obvious!

Posted 2/24/2018

I’m continually amazed at the simplicity of success. I have spent a vast majority of my life trying to complicate things, because, that’s what I thought was required. What I’ve learned is that, the more complicated we make something, the more difficult achieving the desired result really is. I’m unsure of the actual source, but, I believe it may be Albert Einstein who said, Any fool can complicate things, it takes a genius to simplify them.’ Every day I’m learning that there is nothing complicated about achieving anything you want. The key seems to be the willingness to stop looking for the difficult and just be aware of the obvious.

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Stop hoping, and... Start expecting!

Posted 2/17/2018

Have you ever been at the beach and fed the seagulls? Has there ever been any doubt those birds will want the food you are offering? Have you ever had to chase them, catch them and force the bread down their throats? Of course not, it was an expectation that they would come to you, right? What would happen if, even with the best intentions, you did chase them and try to force feed them? Well, as much as they may want the food you are offering, they would fly away from from you because you are scaring them. If you just sprinkle the bread on the ground and walk away, they will come to eat.

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