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There are no accidents in life ...

Andrew Jobling started out as a passionate but clueless footballer. With a vision of and obsession about a long and lucrative professional football career in mind, little time was left to consider other insignificant things in life … reading, academics and education.

After being beaten around the head many times and in pain for most of his football career he decided to launch into in the health & fitness industry. After all the abuse he received from heartless fitness trainers in his professional sporting career, it was payback time! He has spent almost 30 years passionate about helping people with their health and wellbeing.

In 2002 he made, what appeared to be, an illogical and irrational decision. At the time he was running two businesses, working 15 hour days and 7 days per week. He had a personal training business that was putting money into his bank account and café that was taking it straight back out again.

Nevertheless, with no qualifications, background, ability or time he decided to write a book!

With a powerful message he wanted to convey, committing small pockets of time to writing each day and with a strong desire to get it done, two years later Andrew was holding his first book Eat Chocolate Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy in his hands. He is still puzzled but immensely grateful as to how it actually happened. He has since gone to write four published books (with two more coming in 2016) and three e-books.

That seemingly accidental decision catapulted his career into a completely different direction and put him on a wonderful path as an author, speaker and author mentor. He now passionately spends his time writing, speaking and helping people all around the world to believe that, no matter how unlikely something may seem, with desire, decision and daily action ... anything is possible!.

Andrew jokes that he is an Accidental Author, but the truth is he believes that, whilst some things are unlikely, there really are no accidents in life;

‘We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.'

Andrew's Blog ... the question is; can a footballer write?

I don't know about you, but this doesn't look like an author and writer to me ... or most people!

Andrew loves writing! This would sound strange to anyone who knew his his background ... it certainly wouldn't suggest that a literary career would be on the cards. He was a typical footballer with an typical attitude towards reading & education ... a waste of hours between each opportunity to play sport! He truly is an accidental author, writer and blogger!

He is passionate about helping others and through writing he feels able to reach more people. His books & blog posts are all about helping people see, believe and fulfill more of the amazing potential they have ... that means you too! There is incredible possibility & potential in every person and there is an amazing impact through the power of written word.

Please enjoy Andrew's blogs and please feel free to add any comments you see appropriate. 

Make them good, good, good … Good Vibrations!

Posted 8/27/2016

I’m currently listening to the Beach Boys singing Good Vibrations. Who knew they were so wise in the ways of the universe? Who knew they had been communicating the secret of success and happiness, through this song, since 1966 when it was released … I just thought it was a catchy tune. I think probably many of the people dancing to and enjoying the song back in the 60’s and 70’s weren’t fully aware of the powerful message it was  communicating either. They were undoubtably too distracted by the fun they were having and the interesting substances they were experimenting with!

I’m not going to get into a science lesson here, and I’m probably not going to explain this very well either … but I’ll give it a go. The universe detects and acts on vibrations. Every living thing vibrates and those vibrations ripple out into the universe … the universe then responds to those vibrations and sends back experiences to match. Does this sound weird? Does this sound a bit out there? Do I sound crazy? It does, it is and I am, but … it’s true!

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Put it on and then … Tick it off the list!

Posted 8/20/2016

Are you anything like me? I’m a throw-mud-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks type of guy. For much of my life I’ve lived with the attitude of she’ll-be-right … just hoping that everything will work out. To a certain extent it did, but I finally got to the point when I decided I didn’t just want things to work out … I wanted to create an abundantly amazing life. Are you with me? Organisation and preparation were never strong points as I flew through life by the seat of my pants! Then one day I decided to get organised. I decided to write a list of all the things I needed to do to get my S#@T together. I’m an all or nothing kind of guy and so I’m sure you can imagine the list I created for myself.

I’d always heard that writing a list of the things you need to do is an important part of being successful in life. I also knew heard that the list needed to be split into categories … ‘important’, ‘urgent’, ‘delegatable’, ‘removable’. So, I made a list - boy did I make a list … it was about three pages of things I felt I needed to do. The problem was … in my mind everything on the list was important and urgent!

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Success and happiness in life is … All about perspective!

Posted 8/13/2016

I love the word ‘perspective’ … it’s a cool word. Yep, I am a nerd!! I love the way it sounds and I love the way it can change my life when I’m aware of it. When I’m able to see things from a different perspective … life, wellbeing, relationships and success take on a whole different meaning. Do you remember the last time you got angry with someone for something they said or did? Then you told them so … in  no uncertain terms? How did you feel afterwards? Now, think about that same interaction and put yourself in the other person’s shoes … how does it feel to be spoken to that way? See what I mean?

I recently had an experience that got me thinking about perspective. Now, I do need to preface this story with the fact that I’m not quite normal … and proud of it! I wear a pedometer to measure my steps and I have a very strict goal - every day - to not go to bed until I have done at least 10,000 steps. There’s nothing overly unusual about that. The slightly interesting part comes each morning as I take my dogs for a walk.

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We’re not born winners & we’re not born losers … We’re born choosers!

Posted 8/6/2016

Inspiration comes from all around us. Ordinary people dealing with daily challenges, doing the best they can and striving for a better life … are often the source of the greatest inspiration. I was at a business seminar on Tuesday night and, in the last few minutes, an amazing lady came up to share a few ideas and insights. I will soon tell you a little about her story, but it was the last thing she said during her short impact statement that resonated with me the most and inspired this week blog. She said, ‘we’re not born winners and we’re not born losers … we’re born choosers!’

That’s an incredibly powerful statement if you can truly understand it and own it. In other words … your circumstances don’t define you, what you choose to do with those circumstances is what you will be remembered for. It’s so easy to blame our circumstances for our lack of success or being a ‘loser’ … isn’t it? It’s too easy to say, ‘I was born into a poor family so I didn’t have any chances to get ahead.’ Be careful not to catch yourself saying, ‘If it wasn’t for the global financial crisis my business would have been successful.’? And then there’s the old favourite, from my years of personal training, ‘I can’t help putting on weight as I have thyroid issues.’

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If you’re going to change, make it … A Chemical Change!

Posted 7/30/2016

When I was in year 12 at school, for some inexplicable reason, I selected Chemistry as one of my subjects. I remember sitting in the first class for the year thinking … ‘what am I doing here?’ I would have much rather been playing football! I somehow stuck it out for the year and barely scraped through with a pass. I walked out of the last Chemistry class thinking, ‘what a waste of time …I’ll never use any of that information again in my life.’ Well, as happens pretty frequently … I was wrong.

I did learn something and interestingly it’s not something I would ever apply in the chemistry field but absolutely into my life. In fact, I’m so excited about this chemistry concept I want to share it with you. Are you ready for a chemistry lesson that will change your life if you apply it? We are talking about change … and in chemistry terms, two types of change can occur.

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Everything falls into place when you … Play by the rules!

Posted 7/23/2016

Why do we resist this as a concept? Why do we try so hard to be rebellious? Why do we think we are being smart, clever or cool by going against the rules? So many people, including myself at times, struggle in life and don’t truly understand why. It’s really not that difficult … there are no secrets to health, wealth and happiness. There should be no surprises either. It’s incredibly simple and predictable … if you play be the rules you will get what you want, if you don’t you will get what you deserve.

It amazes me when I see people arguing with parking officers for getting a parking infringement or with police officers for getting issued a speeding fine. They complain and disagree when it’s simple … they parked illegally or they were driving above the speed limit and as a result they were fined. We all know that if we don’t play by the rules there will be a consequence … if we don’t like the consequence then we need to play by the rules!

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Just like the Lone Ranger, you … Need Your Tonto!

Posted 7/15/2016

I don’t really know the story of the Lone Ranger and I’ve never watched the movie. But his name suggests that he likes to do things on his own … agree? My guess - and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong - is that at some point the Lone Ranger realised he couldn’t do everything he wanted and needed to do on his own. He probably had to come to terms with an ego that told him he was weak if he asked for help or couldn’t do it alone. He finally, through neccessity, found support and I’m guessing it was Tonto who made all the difference to the Lone Rangers success in life.

I have an ego, you have an ego … we all have an ego. That ego can help us, but in many cases it is no help at all … in fact it harms us. My ego is constantly telling me that I should be good enough to do it alone and not need help. My ego is telling me that it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help. My ego is unforgiving and harder on me than any other person in my life. I can tell you that dealing with an over-inflated ego is stressful, unsatisfying, unfulfilling and potentially a lonely way to live.

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Make sure you deliberately program your … Automatic Pilot!

Posted 7/8/2016

An automatic pilot is a good thing! It takes control of the plane if and when anything should happen to the pilot(s). It’s role is to be a safety back-up and to help keep the passengers, crew and plane safe in the event of an emergency. An automatic pilot is programmed to take the plane to the desired destination. If however, the automatic pilot is incorrectly programmed, it doesn’t matter where you want to arrive … the plane will take you where it has been set to go.

Did you know that you have an automatic pilot? It’s inside your head and it’s flying you in the direction that you are currently heading. You may be conscious or unconscious of it. You may be happy where it’s taking you or not. You may feel that you have no control over your automatic pilot … but you do. You program it … so make sure you control the input of the parameters to move you in the direction you want to go.

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Often what’s holding you back is … All in your head!

Posted 7/2/2016

Coming up with a relevant and useful blog each week is a challenge. There are times, like this week, when I’m incredibly grateful for the people who actually read and get value from my weekly contribution ... not only that, they give me ideas! This week I had some very welcomed help and I want to thank Ross for sending me this cool picture and title which has inspired this weeks blog. How true it is … all of my problems are in definitely my head!

When Ross sent me this picture with the caption, it really got me thinking about my life. As I reflected on my life - past, present and future – I can see what has held me back, is holding me back and will hold me back is nothing more than a thought process. One that I can change … in a heartbeat! All I have to do is change the thought ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. I just need to determine that ‘I will’ rather than ‘I won’t’. I only need to believe ‘I do deserve’ instead of ‘I don’t deserve’. I need to swap the idea that ‘I don’t have time’ to ‘I will prioritise the time’. Honestly … it really is that simple!

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Never under-estimate …The Domino Principle

Posted 6/26/2016

The ‘domino principle’, the ‘butterfly effect’, ‘small things speak volumes’. No matter what you call it or how you describe it … it’s a powerful law of the universe! Small things you do have a ripple effect that will impact many lives for many years. We often do and say things we don’t really think about. We rarely understand the potential we have or how the things we do, good and bad, will ripple out and impact many lives. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about it.

I had one of these mind-blowing experiences that started to ripple last Friday. I have no idea where it may lead or how massive it may turn out and … it all started with a simple gesture. I was flying to Brisbane last Friday and I was sitting in the back row of the plane … I do it all the time because I often get the whole row to myself. This time was no different, so I stretched out.

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